For all general inquiries, please email: contact (at) areciboradio (dot) com.

For anyone wanting to apply for their own show on Arecibo, please see the section below.

How to Apply for a Show

For those wanting to apply for a radio show:
  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and can maintain at least a 2 Mbit/s (~200 KB/s) upload connection.
  2. Fill out the following:
    • Show Name:
    • Show Type (roaming/scheduled):
    • Desired Schedule (if applicable):
    • Show Description:
    • DJ Name(s):
    • Bio(s):
    • DJ's/Host's Timezone:
  3. Make a 30 minute "Pilot Episode" of your show. This should showcase exactly what it would be like to listen to your full show. Include any segments you would normally include in a truncated form. Send this as a 128kbps mp3 file (link to external download site, if need be).
  4. Email all of the above to "contact (at) areciboradio (dot) com" with the header/subject line "APPLICATION".
Show Types:
Scheduled: Traditional style show.

The show is on a set schedule, either weekly or daily. This is good for steadily growing a listener base, and is easier for listeners to know when a show is on. The downside is that these shows rarely gain spontaneous listeners (people who are just listening to the stream at any time), and require the DJ/host to always have the show at the same time on the same day.

Roaming: Internet style show.

The show is not on a set schedule, and can go on air at any time during the day/week, as long as it does not conflict with a scheduled show. This is great for DJ's/hosts who cannot be on a set schedule. It is good practice for two consecutive shows to not be more than 10 days apart, to maintain the appearance of a constantly airing show. The downside is that these types of shows are not guaranteed listeners, as there is little way for them to know the show is actually on (listeners must rely on updates from the Arecibo Twitter or Facebook pages). These shows, however, are more prone to attracting new and spontaneous listeners.