What is Arecibo Radio?

Arecibo Radio seeks the odd, the strange, the outlandish, the unknown, and the oft-disregarded. We focus on underground and niche programs dedicated to certain cultures, communities, and forums that often have deep roots and ties with such communities.


On November 16th 1974, a radio message was transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico into outer space in an attempt to communicate with an extraterrestrial intelligence.

On July 8th 2009, radio telescopes around the world began receiving a transmission of an unknown origin. When decoded, the message was identified as an audio signal.

Due to similarities in the way the signal was encoded, it was determined that it was associated with the radio message transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory in 1974. Since then, the message has been referred to as the Arecibo Radio Transmission.

On August 14th 2009, Arecibo Radio was created as both an archive, and a real time broadcast of the unknown message.

The message has never stopped transmitting since first being detected.

It's source is still unknown. Welcome to Arecibo Radio.


n0c - Owner / Co-Founder / Manager / Web Developer / Brand Designer
Although the idea for this radio station partly came from his mind, n0c's original role was as the website designer/developer. In those early days, the website was very simple and not very well made, but it served it's purpose. As time went on, n0c shouldered more and more responsibility. Today he owns and runs the website and the stream. n0c is also the only one of the original founders still actively involved in the station.
spaceghost - Co-Founder / Assistant Manager
An odd beast even before his Pacific travels, spaceghost no doubt had very good taste in music, and a great ability to find unique shows and talent. Almost all of the shows that first aired on Arecibo were possible because of spaceghost's interest in cool things. He is currently hunting a mysterious man named "Kioni" in Hawaii, although he does check in from time to time has returned to us!
r3x / masamune - Original Owner / Co-Founder
After the initial conversation, it was r3x's purchase of the domain name and hosting that got the ball rolling. Although active in the shaping of the station in those first few weeks, he soon retreated to the background, and after some time disappeared completely. Little has been heard of him since.
Snowy - Honorary Co-Founder
Even though Snowy was not a part of the initial conversation that started Arecibo, Snowy quickly became involved. He had already won the hearts of the official founders years before, and his involvement would no doubt help the station. Although his appearances on the station have been sporadic, his early involvement and dedication is enough to secure his honorary distinction.